Fertilizer and Maiz seeds ready for distribution

On Friday 12th November and Saturday 13th November 2010, two trucks offloaded bags of fertilizer of Super Chitowe and Optichem at Andiamo for the Get up Stand up Project. On Friday, a seven toner truck carrying 200 bags of Super Chitowe fertilizer,  offloaded the bags around 7:00 o’clock in the morning. The following day around 7:30 am, a Twenty five toner truck offloaded 600 bags of fertilizer of which 400 bags were Optichem and the remaining 200 bags was Super Chitowe.

The Bags were offloaded in the presence of the coordinator of the project, the Secretary and Accountant of the project Miss Diana Lakudzala and all staff of the Get up Stand up Project. At last they were all signing as witnesses that the bags were offloaded in their presence. In addition, the bags were kept at a good place to ensure full security of them.

According to Mr. John Martin, the agronomist, by next week, we are expecting to start distributing the fertilizer to the farmers as in some parts of the district, the rain has already started. “We will be carrying the fertilizer to the farmers to their respective places as some of them can not manage the transportation of it,” added John Martin. He also added that, by next week the seeds will be purchased and will be distributed together with the fertilizer.

Also 40 bags of 5okg of Maiz seeds were delivered by Njereka Supplier today and settled in the Get Up Stand Up Store ready for the distribution.

A Get together with Get Up Stand Up beneficiaries

By 9.00 am all the 20 groups of Get Up Stand Up project were present in the Andiamo Education Institutions (AEI) hall for a meeting with the Getup Stand Up project staff.

The main aim of the meeting was to get together with all the beneficiaries of the project so that they can know each other and to brief them what Get up Stand up Project is all about. The meeting was chaired by the coordinator of the project Allessandro  Marchetti who started by welcoming all the beneficiaries and introducing them to the whole staff.

Donne dai Villaggi

In his turn, John Martin (Agronomist), highlighted the contents of the project where he covered issues like management of the project and the groups, the costs of the agricultural inputs bought for the project and how the beneficiaries are going to pay back the money. In his presentation, he emphasized on  the need for cooperation as groups and
working hard as individuals.

“Without cooperation the groups will automatically dissolve and this can lead to the failure of the project. You can apply the fertilizer well, but if you are not working hard on your fields you will harvest nothing,” said Martin.

On the same vein, the founding trustee of Andiamo Fr. Mario, asked the people to utilize this chance as it is for their own benefit.

“This project is in your hands and it is up to you to make it a success or not,” said Mario. In addition, John Martin also told the chiefs present that they will be regular meetings with them for each and
every chief to submit the progress of their groups.

It was also revealed to them that there will be two types of fertilizer this time: Super Chitowe which is selling at MK3400.00 and Optichem at MK3600.00. On repayments, it was disclosed that each and every person will be required to pay at least 50% of the money soon after harvest as this is the time when people have money.

Later, they will be required to  pay in smaller amounts up to when they finish paying back but not exceeding the month of august next year. The good thing is that, they will be paying back the money without any interest.

Speaking on behalf of the beneficiaries, Group Village Headman Toleza thanked Get Up Stand Up for considering them in the project. “We really thank you for this splendid project and we promise to work hard and truly in order to maintain this project,” said GVHM Toleza.

In the end, Fr Mario advised the people to avoid  being greedy, gossiping, selfishness and laziness as all these can bring down the project.

By Innocent Chisanga with the cooperation of Patrick Bwanali


Introduction of Get up Stand Up Staff

We are pleased to present to you our Get up Stand up Staffs who is working tirelessly to make this project a reality.

1.       Diana Lakudzala – Secretary / Accountant

Secretary Accountant

Diana is a single lady who is working as a Secretary and at the same time as an accountant. She is a holder of Diploma in Human resources management and a Certificate in Administration management. As a secretary and an accountant, she will have different task to be performing in the Project.

  • First and fore most, as a secretary she is responsible for all the documentations in the project like writing letters and reports, keeping files and data’s
  • Secondly, She is also responsible for keeping records of beneficiaries
  • She is also responsible for organizing Get Up Stand Up Project meetings with staffs or beneficiaries
  • Managing communications within and outside the project
  • As an accountant, she is responsible for managing all financial accounts of Get Up Stand Up Project
  • She is also responsible for keeping records of finance of the project

2.       John Martin – Agronomist

This man have been in the agriculture field for more than eight years now and he is a well experienced man whom he works well the farmers. As an agronomist he is responsible for the following:

  • Advising the beneficiaries on the better and modern ways of farming
  • The distribution of farm inputs
  • Making sure the inputs are used in a right way
  • Mekong sure the beneficiaries are paying back the money in time and without any interest
  • Encouraging beneficiaries to work hard in their fields
  • Monitoring beneficiaries farms to see whether they are taking care of their fields

3.       Innocent Chisanga – Communication Responsible

Responsible for Communication

As a communication responsible, Innocent is carrying out the following tasks:

  • Making sure that all the things which are being carried out in the project, like progress of the project and meetings are published on the Get Up Stand Up Blog (www.tidzala.wordpress.com)
  • Taking pictures wherever it is necessary
  • Writing reports of the project
  • Managing the Get Up Stand Up Blog

4.       Clement Kulapa – Andiamo Adviser

Andiamo Adviser
The adviser, he is the one who is linking up between Andiamo and Get Up Stand Up. Apart from that, he is also working hand in hand with John Martin in carrying out different tasks.

5.       Allessandro Marchetti & Valeria Giassi

These two, are the coordinators between Get up Stand up Project and Association of Solidarity of Bergamo’s Notaries. Moreover, they are also the ones who are supervising the whole project and making sure that everything is working well.

Get Up Stand Up Project actions in different villages

First of all, we will start with our actions where by we are going in different villages for the formation of groups, registration, surveying and taking some pictures of the groups. We will be updating on this action regularly.

  • On Tuesday the 16th of October 2010, John Martin and Allessandro Marchetti went to Mulandula village where they made a survey and take some pictures of the people and it was around 8:00 AM. Thereafter, John Martin went at Mulandula village 4 days later,on Monday 20th September 2010, for registration and selection of Committee members to be leading the village on the project.
  • Allessandro Marchetti, John Martin and Clement Kulapa, went to Chipote Village where they conduct a survey and there after registration and Alessandro took some pictures and this was on Friday 24th September 2010. After some days, John and Clement went back on 28th September for the selection of committee members.
  • On the first day of October 2010, they went at Mpezeni village where they survey, took pictures, register members and select the committee for the village and it was done by Alessandro, John and Clement
  • On the fourth day of October, they went at kainga village for surveying, registration and  committee selection
  • On the 6th of October, John and Clement went back at Mpezeni village for a brief meeting with the committee.
  • On the 12th October, they went into three villages,Kainga, Matchingo and Mponda and they went for taking pictures, Surveying, registration & taking pictures and Surveying & taking pictures respectively.
  • The following day, four villages, Msamanyada, Sungaleke, Njereka and Kanyumbaka, were visited for Survey and registration and it was done by John and Clement.
  • On the 18th they visited again Matchingo and Mponda villages for committee selection in both villages and registration at Mponda village only.
  • the next day on the 19th, Misanjo, Saidi san, Petro and Chewadi villages were visited by John and clement for a Survey, registration and committee selection.