Weeding period

The “Get Up Stand Up” Project Coordinator, Henry Goster and agronomist, John Martin visited Mvunguti group in Mpezeni village on 24 November where they met 8 farmers with the aim of strengthening the relationship between the project and farmers and also to see how they are working in their fields.

According to John Martin, this period farmers are weeding in their fields and out of all the members they have visited, only a few have not finished weeding.

The Coordinator said that most of the farmers have cultivated  2 Acres land.

However, some farmers are complaining that the two bags of fertilizers they have received are not enough.

In his response, the coordinator of the project said that it was difficult to give them more than that because some of the farmers have not yet finished paying back their 2010 loan to the project.
“Since prices of commodities are increasing every day, it was difficult for us to give them a chance to take more than two bags because the cost of each bag has also increased and some haven’t yet finished paying back last year’s loans. There is hope that next season they will have a choice to take as many bags as they want only if they will pay their loan in time,” said the Coordinator.

Get up Stand Up Coordinator starts visiting farmers

Set to go: Some of the beneficiaries of the project who has already received farm inputs

After distributing fertilizer to farmers, the Project Coordinator, Henry Goster and the agronomist John Martin have started to visit farmers today 24 November in their areas.The exercise will end on  15 December. The aim of the visit is to advise them on how they should apply the farm inputs they have received from the project.

16 groups have already received both the first and second applications. The remaining 4 groups are expected to receive fertilizer as soon as they finish to payback their previous loans. The following are groups expected to be visited:-
Group                                                                   Village
Mulandula                                                          Mulandula

Chilungamo                                                        Chipote

Mvunguti                                                            Mpezeni
Titukuke                                                              Kainga
Tisangalale                                                          Matola
Mwaiwanthu                                                     Nsamanyada
Khwalala                                                              Sungaleke
Limbikani                                                             Kanyumba aka
Chikhwamba                                                      Njeleka
Mpulula                                                               Mpulula
Kulyolyopela                                                      Chiuja
Saidi Sana                                                            Saidi sana
Nankhombe                                                       Petro
Tikondwere                                                        Nsaka
Madalitso                                                            Rabson
Umodzi                                                                Andiamo

Distribution of fertilizer starts

Get Up Stand Up Project has started distributing fertilisers to the beneficiaries today 21 November 2011. This marks the beginning of a new microcredit season.

The distribution follows the registration of the beneficiaries, which started in October.

Henry Bwanali, Responsible of Get Up Stand Up Project with one of the beneficiaries

Henry Bwanali, Responsible of Get Up Stand Up Project with one of the beneficiaries

25 tons of fertilizers will be given on loan to more than 200 beneficiaries, who are farmers from different villages around Balaka. The one responsible of Get Up Stand Up Mr. Henry Goster had a short meeting with all beneficiaries before the distribution encouraging them to keep the promise of returning the loan in time and wishing them a good harvest.

Hoping that it rains soon, the staff of Get Up Stand Up hope that this season will be as successful as the previous season. They [staff] are ready to work hand in hand with the groups of farmers, visiting them in their villages to monitor and advise them during the different stages of the agriculture season. The agriculture season includes: preparation of the land, planting, application of two kinds of fertilizers, weeding, harvest, and storing.

Communication Office

5oo bags of fertilizer arrived today

250 bags of Super Chitowe and 250 of Optican fertilizer has finally arrived at Andiamo for the Get up Stand up Project on 5 November, 2011.
The Bags were offloaded in the presence of the Agronomist John Martin, the Secretary and Accountant of the project Judith Kalambo. At last they  signed as witnesses that the bags were offloaded in their presence. In addition, the bags were kept at a good place to ensure full security of them.
John Martin said that the Project will start distributing the farm inputs next week.  “This time we are not carrying the fertilizer to the farmers because of fuel crisis which has also affected our operations,” added John Martin.