Get Up Stand Up project visits its beneficiaries

As the period of harvesting is still underway, Get Up Stand Up project thought it wise to visit some of its beneficiaries in surrounding villages to see how the process is progressing.

Hendrina: Thanks to Get up Stand up!

Hendrina Tung’ande is one of the beneficiaries of Get up stand up Project who were visited by the project.

Hendrina who is a group leader of Tisamalane group says she has already packed 33 bags of maize although she has not finished harvesting. A mother of three: Rhoda, Lucy and Mara, Hendrina says  although she took only 2 bags of fertilizer, she has yielded more and she is expecting to have more than 40 bags of maize.
“I cultivated a 5 acre field at my village and 3 acre at my husband’s home and we have been blessed with this bumper harvest which we never expected,” said Hendrina.

She has thanked Get up Stand up project for giving farmers the opportunity of obtaining farm inputs by loan since many farmers cannot afford to buy farm input.s She also adds that the period of paying back the loan is long enough for farmers to prepare enough to pay back the loan.

However, this year the rain did not come in time which has affected many farmers in her area and other villages around Balaka district.