Get up Stand up visit Mpezeni and Kanyumbaaka villages

On 23rd and 24th of March, Get up stand up officials visited Mpezeni and Kanyumbaaka villages as one way of encouraging farmers and see the way forward.

One of the fields expected to be harvest by mid april

Although Balaka is one of the districts which have been hit by drought, some will harvest enough for their families, like Limbikani, a group in Kanyumbaaka village; beneficiaries of this project will have bumper yields as it has been observed by John Martin who is heading the field supervisor’s team.

Mvunguti group which is in Mpezeni village, farmers will not have the same experience as it will happen for Limbikani group. Although the Mvunguti group tried to work hard, rain was not enough for the crops comparing to other areas in Balaka District.

The beneficiaries of Get up stand up were advised to take good care of the little they are going to harvest and use it carefully, they were also advised to try to grow another type of crop in next season.

Starting from 1st April, farmers will start to harvesting maize since some of the maize their fields are dry.

The following beneficiaries were present during the field visit;
Limbikani Group (Kanyumbaaka village)
1. Odeta Juwa
2. Florence Dzimkambani
(some were not present because of some duties)

Mvunguti Group (Mpezeni Village)
1. Mary Daka
2. Agather Magombo
3. Michael Chilumpha
4. Simon Bwanaisa
5. Paul Kazembe

by Gerald Sibu

Get up Stand up visit Nankhombe group

Get up Stand Up project officials inspected Nankhombe group on 12th March, 2011. According to John Martin one of the officials from the project, the fields are showing that farmers were working hard in their fields only that rains have let them down.

The officials went to conduct field inspection and encourage farmers.  Though the area had stayed long without rains, the Nankhombe group assured project officials that as soon as they harvest they will pay back the loan as agreed.

In the absence of rains, the group used treadle pumps to irrigate their fields which are located near Rivirivi River. The group has  asked the Get up Stand up officials to include treadle pumps in the program in next planting season so that those who live near the Rivers can irrigate their fields when rains stop.

The following group members were present during the field visit :-
1. Issa Seleman
2. James Patrick
3. Francis Sitima
4. Ernest Mtambo
5. Foster Mapemba
6. Kachepa Mgwadila
7. Dave Lino
8. Wyson Mulinga
9. Jerald Chikoti
10. Asma Jika
11. Charles James