A new Blog for the renewed Agriculture Project

Thanking again the Association of Solidarity of Bergamo’s Notaries for the support of the Project we open this new blog as a tool for communicating news about the agriculture activities. As agreed with the President Mr. Peppino Nosari in August 2010 in Balaka, the project will be directed to 20 groups of farmers around Balaka with the goal to give an input to more than 200 people in the villages in maiz and vegetables farming.

Work has just begun and 14 groups have been created, other 6 groups are in the process to be created.

A picture with the Matchingo Group, One of the twenty groups created

The renewed staff is composed by:

John Martin (Agronomist)
Diana Lakudzala (Accountant, Secretary)
Innocent Chisanga (Communication Responsible)
Clement Kulapa (Andiamo Adviser)

All datas, pictures, details will be given soon through this Blog by the Responsible for the Communication Mr. Innocent Chisanga

About Andiamo Web Office
Andiamo Youth Cooperative Trust having strongly in mind that “the person fully alive is the glory of God”(St. Irenaeus), lives its mission for the good of the whole community: children, adults and old people should have a respectable human life. Jesus himself said: “I’ have come that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10,10). Following this words AYCT engages itself in the areas of education, health, social development and culture-sports, in collaboration with the local community, the government and other national and international associations in order to create opportunities of a better life for all, specially the youth and the less privileged.

One Response to A new Blog for the renewed Agriculture Project

  1. mario pacifici says:

    New and long live Get Up stand UP!!!!!!!!
    Many families in Balaka district will benefit.
    Thanks to you Peppino, Associazione Notai di Bergamo and the new staff.
    God Bless you all

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