Get Up Stand Up Project actions in different villages

First of all, we will start with our actions where by we are going in different villages for the formation of groups, registration, surveying and taking some pictures of the groups. We will be updating on this action regularly.

  • On Tuesday the 16th of October 2010, John Martin and Allessandro Marchetti went to Mulandula village where they made a survey and take some pictures of the people and it was around 8:00 AM. Thereafter, John Martin went at Mulandula village 4 days later,on Monday 20th September 2010, for registration and selection of Committee members to be leading the village on the project.
  • Allessandro Marchetti, John Martin and Clement Kulapa, went to Chipote Village where they conduct a survey and there after registration and Alessandro took some pictures and this was on Friday 24th September 2010. After some days, John and Clement went back on 28th September for the selection of committee members.
  • On the first day of October 2010, they went at Mpezeni village where they survey, took pictures, register members and select the committee for the village and it was done by Alessandro, John and Clement
  • On the fourth day of October, they went at kainga village for surveying, registration and  committee selection
  • On the 6th of October, John and Clement went back at Mpezeni village for a brief meeting with the committee.
  • On the 12th October, they went into three villages,Kainga, Matchingo and Mponda and they went for taking pictures, Surveying, registration & taking pictures and Surveying & taking pictures respectively.
  • The following day, four villages, Msamanyada, Sungaleke, Njereka and Kanyumbaka, were visited for Survey and registration and it was done by John and Clement.
  • On the 18th they visited again Matchingo and Mponda villages for committee selection in both villages and registration at Mponda village only.
  • the next day on the 19th, Misanjo, Saidi san, Petro and Chewadi villages were visited by John and clement for a Survey, registration and committee selection.

A new Blog for the renewed Agriculture Project

Thanking again the Association of Solidarity of Bergamo’s Notaries for the support of the Project we open this new blog as a tool for communicating news about the agriculture activities. As agreed with the President Mr. Peppino Nosari in August 2010 in Balaka, the project will be directed to 20 groups of farmers around Balaka with the goal to give an input to more than 200 people in the villages in maiz and vegetables farming.

Work has just begun and 14 groups have been created, other 6 groups are in the process to be created.

A picture with the Matchingo Group, One of the twenty groups created

The renewed staff is composed by:

John Martin (Agronomist)
Diana Lakudzala (Accountant, Secretary)
Innocent Chisanga (Communication Responsible)
Clement Kulapa (Andiamo Adviser)

All datas, pictures, details will be given soon through this Blog by the Responsible for the Communication Mr. Innocent Chisanga